Friday, February 4, 2011

Welcome to my album review blog

Hello folks,

Just what the world needs - another blog. Another blog about music. An opportunity for some anonymous shleb to tell the cyberworld what he thinks. Part of me is asking, why should I throw my stupid thoughts about music out in the world where there's already a lot of competition, both from people who REALLY know what they're talking about, and from people who don't? Who's going to bother to read? Well, I won't know till I throw it out there.

What's my background? Well, I've been a keen fan of music all my life. Strictly classical until I was 10. Then I had the epiphany of hearing the Beatles' version of Twist and Shout at the age of 10 (11 years after it was released) and became a fan of rock and roll, then fell in love with strong melodic pop, then jazz and over the years, music nowadays classified as Americana. I've been drumming and singing from the age of 10. After years of lugging drumkits around, I tried my hand at late-night shift radio announcing on public radio, and now I'm singing bass in an acapella group.

Does any of this qualify me to write my thoughts about pop music? Not necessarily. However, I figure if Ronnie Reagan determined that being a bad actor qualified him to be president, and if Paul Simon figured that a life in song qualified him to write a bad movie script (remember One Trick Pony anyone), then me writing a blog is a cinch, and leaves less of a footprint than the previously mentioned endeavours. I'm reminded of the recent words of author, Nick Hornby, as sung by Ben Folds: "Some guy on the net thinks I suck, and he should know - he's got his own blog!!!" In the blog there is....Power.

I'll try and post something once a week. Feedback greatly appreciated. If you have any suggestions for albums I should write about, leave me a note and I'll come up with something.

Ahoy, ahoy,


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