Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love That Album - Episode 4 - Circus Animals from the East

CHISELLLLLLLLL!!!!! How many Australians who grew up in the early 80s would yell that out whenever one of their songs came on top 40 radio. How many of us still yell it out thanks to golden hits radio. Behind their iconic status however, was a band who played a passionate blues based rock with great musicianship, and keenly observant lyrics about growing up in Australia. Rolling Stone allegedly compared them (unfavourably!!!!!) to Ray Charles and Led Zeppelin. Sounds like great influencs to me.

In episode 4 of Love That Album, Jeff Jenkins and I discuss Cold Chisel and the music behind their two most popular albums, East and Circus Animals. Download it from this blog page or search for "lovethatalbum" in itunes.

Right click to download episode 4 here.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting The Knack - Podcast episode 3

Yes, I know I've written a lengthy article on the subject, but in episode 3 of Love That Album, Jeff Jenkins and I discuss why Get The Knack is a classic album, and should not be reviled by the shoe-gazing, too-cool-for-school, Nirvana-loving hipsters. Think about it - if My Sharona makes the Knack a one-hit-wonder, what does that say about Smells Like Teen Spirit? Simply put, Get The Knack is a hook-drenched rock and roll album about lust - isn't that the essence of rock and roll? Listen and be convinced. Episode 3 is available either streaming or downloadable from the blogsite (look to the right hand side of the page near the top) or type "lovethatalbum" into iTunes podcast search.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Love That Album - Podcast #2 - sort of

Hey folks,

I have another podcast up....sort of. I recorded a great show with my good friend and fellow music enthusiast Geoff Smith with the intention of talking about the great John Hiatt album "Bring The Family". The show was divided up into a section where we just yakked about albums we'd been listening to, a section talking about Hiatt's history, and then the section talking about the album. During editing, I accidentally deleted that final section of the show. AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH. What a fucking knucklehead. I tried recording that section again with Geoff a week later and the recording software did something weird rendering the conversation unlistenable. Rather than do it again, I'm putting up the "shooting the breeze" discussion we have for your (hopeful) enjoyment. Download it on the right hand side of this page in the embeddable player, or go to iTunes and subscrive to "lovethatalbum". Next podcast will be out mid to late October and will work....I promise!!!!