Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Love That Album - Episode 4 - Circus Animals from the East

CHISELLLLLLLLL!!!!! How many Australians who grew up in the early 80s would yell that out whenever one of their songs came on top 40 radio. How many of us still yell it out thanks to golden hits radio. Behind their iconic status however, was a band who played a passionate blues based rock with great musicianship, and keenly observant lyrics about growing up in Australia. Rolling Stone allegedly compared them (unfavourably!!!!!) to Ray Charles and Led Zeppelin. Sounds like great influencs to me.

In episode 4 of Love That Album, Jeff Jenkins and I discuss Cold Chisel and the music behind their two most popular albums, East and Circus Animals. Download it from this blog page or search for "lovethatalbum" in itunes.

Right click to download episode 4 here.

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