Saturday, December 10, 2011

Love That Album podcast Episode 8 - Quadrophenia

This is a really big shooo. The longest Love That Album so far. I'm joined by co-host of the Silva and Gold podcast, Doctor Zom to discuss The Who's "Quadrophenia". We discuss in a lot of detail both the double album from 1973 (just re-released in November 2011 in a multi CD "Director's Cut" edition) and the 1978 film directed by Franc Roddam featuring a very young Ray Winstone and Sting in an excellent acting performance (filmed during the early days of the Police). Is this the Who's masterwork? Is it better than Tommy (yes!!!!!!)? Is the story celebrating the ideals of youth or is it about a bunch of self-absorbed prats with fashion sense? Listen in and hear Zom and myself ask these and more earth shattering questions. Send feedback to or leave feedback at itunes.

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