Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love That Album podcast - Episode 22 - Favourite Instrumental Albums

For episode 22 of Love That Album, we’re doing something a little different. Michael Pursche (from the Sitting In A Bar In Adelaide podcast) and I decided to go all List Music Podcast on you (apologies to Ricardo, Jenny, VK and Juan for theft of your idea – but it’s only one episode). We’re going through each of our top 10 all-instrumental albums – that is, no vocals. They’re in no particular order, but all of our chosen albums are ones we’ve listened to countless times and really love. Rather than us speaking at length about any one album we speak for a few minutes about each of our combined 20 choices (plus it must be said quite a number of honourable mentions that might have made the list if we’d compiled them the next day). What did we pick? Tune in and find out.
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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love That Album podcast Episode 21 - The Doors - The Doors

The Doors. Rock fans either revere or revile them….and by them, I mean Jim Morrison, the public face of the band. While it’s true that the lead singer is often the member the general public remember more than, say, the keyboard player, few bands take this to the extreme like The Doors. It seems to me that people forget The Doors were a BAND, not Jim Morrison’s pseudonym.
So when all is said and done, how good WERE The Doors when considered as an entity, and not just Jim and friends? On Episode 21 of Love That Album podcast, Ricardo Ultreras of The List Music Podcast and The List Film Podcast discusses with me the legacy behind their self-titled debut album. Pretentious poetry? Maybe, but is it any worse than “Love, love me do”? We discuss the incredible musicianship of Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, and Robbie Kreiger as well as Jim Morrison’s baritone vocals. Frank Sinatra could have sung one of the songs on this album quite comfortably..if not for the lyric. Did Jim Morrison have really have an Oedipal complex? How many bands have both a Brecht AND Dixon cover on the samel album? A combination of classical techniques, jazz, blues and crooning. Ricardo and I ask if the album still holds up, as a piece of music, away from its iconic status.
As well as Ricardo, Eric Reanimator joins the show to present another great “An Album I Love” segment. Tune in.
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Love That Album podcast Episode 20 - The Horrible Crowes - Elsie

The Gaslight Anthem have in the last few years attracted a dedicated following with their cross of modern punk and Springsteen influences.  Songwriter Brian Fallon has put together a side project called The Horrible Crowes for material that would not necessarily work in the context of his main band. If you’ve listened to previous episodes of Love That Album with Geoff Smith as my fellow commentator, you’d know of his love for both of these bands.
In episode 20 of LTA podcast, Geoff, John Stirrat and myself discuss The Horrible Crowes album, “Elsie”, in detail covering the themes being written about in the album, as well as the music and lyrics. We ask the big questions – is Brian Fallon a stalker? Does he take self pity a little too far or has he had his heart put through the grinder, and is dealing with it the same way Roy Orbison, Chris Isaak and even Beck dealt with it? This was a heated discussion, and we didn’t all agree on the merits or otherwise of this album – which makes for a (hopefully) interesting show. 
We also discuss the John Peel archives being made public…in a virtual sort of way. Also, Eric Reanimator returns with his segment “An Album I Love” to discuss a classic album from the Screaming Trees.
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