Saturday, May 19, 2012

Love That Album podcast Episode 21 - The Doors - The Doors

The Doors. Rock fans either revere or revile them….and by them, I mean Jim Morrison, the public face of the band. While it’s true that the lead singer is often the member the general public remember more than, say, the keyboard player, few bands take this to the extreme like The Doors. It seems to me that people forget The Doors were a BAND, not Jim Morrison’s pseudonym.
So when all is said and done, how good WERE The Doors when considered as an entity, and not just Jim and friends? On Episode 21 of Love That Album podcast, Ricardo Ultreras of The List Music Podcast and The List Film Podcast discusses with me the legacy behind their self-titled debut album. Pretentious poetry? Maybe, but is it any worse than “Love, love me do”? We discuss the incredible musicianship of Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, and Robbie Kreiger as well as Jim Morrison’s baritone vocals. Frank Sinatra could have sung one of the songs on this album quite comfortably..if not for the lyric. Did Jim Morrison have really have an Oedipal complex? How many bands have both a Brecht AND Dixon cover on the samel album? A combination of classical techniques, jazz, blues and crooning. Ricardo and I ask if the album still holds up, as a piece of music, away from its iconic status.
As well as Ricardo, Eric Reanimator joins the show to present another great “An Album I Love” segment. Tune in.
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