Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love That Album podcast - Episode 22 - Favourite Instrumental Albums

For episode 22 of Love That Album, we’re doing something a little different. Michael Pursche (from the Sitting In A Bar In Adelaide podcast) and I decided to go all List Music Podcast on you (apologies to Ricardo, Jenny, VK and Juan for theft of your idea – but it’s only one episode). We’re going through each of our top 10 all-instrumental albums – that is, no vocals. They’re in no particular order, but all of our chosen albums are ones we’ve listened to countless times and really love. Rather than us speaking at length about any one album we speak for a few minutes about each of our combined 20 choices (plus it must be said quite a number of honourable mentions that might have made the list if we’d compiled them the next day). What did we pick? Tune in and find out.
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