Monday, July 2, 2012

Love That Album podcast Episode 24 - Ben Folds - Songs For Silverman

On episode 24 of Love That Album podcast, Thomas Deja of the “Better In The Dark”podcast and myself delve into the dark album that is Ben Folds’ “Songs For Silverman”. He credits his wife of the time with being a source of inspiration for him on the album’s liner notes, and yet, this is most definitely a breakup album – it just happened to be released before the breakup took place. Among the songs of marital discordance, there are songs about death, fatherhood (from the perspective of a father and a son), and mortality. This is a long way from “One Angry Dwarf” and “Underground”. Yet, Folds has never shied away from dark material. This album is as melodically beautiful as it is heartbreaking – it’s his “Seachange”. Thomas and I had a great conversation and I hope you enjoy.

There’s a slight experimental change with the format this time. Music samples are played before each song is discussed rather than being played as background to the discussion. Does this work? Let me know. (There’s a hiccup on this occasion with the music sounding slightly sped up, but that will be rectified for the next show).

Also, Eric Reanimator presents another fantastic “An Album I Love” segment delving into the late 70s British punk scene.

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