Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Love That Album podcast Episode 30 - Tex, Don and Charlie - All is Forgiven

For Episode 30 of Love That Album, I’m joined by Tim Merrill to discuss the second album by the supergroup Tex, Don and Charlie, “All Is Forgiven”.
Tex is Tex Perkins, ex-lead singer of Beasts of Bourbon and The Cruel Sea. Don is Don Walker, songwriter for Cold Chisel, Catfish and his current project the Suave Fucks (the best band name EVER). Charlie is Charlie Owen, guitarist extraordinaire to a myriad of projects, but probably most famous for his involvement with the Divynyls.
These three gents (along with support from Shane Walsh, Garrett Costigan and the Dirty Three’s Jim White) have put together two brilliant albums of bluesy, country-esque songs with tales of murder, infidelity, spiders on the dunny (look it up) and the sort of activities that listeners to Silva and Gold podcast would appreciate on a night in. Tex and Don know how to weave compelling stories within their lyrics. The songs are simple but with melodies and arrangements that are perfect and won’t leave your head. Think of latter day Tom Waits ballads and you have an idea what this is about.
Tim and I have a great old time discussing this album and a swag of other things. He has brilliant insight into music, is a great conversationalist, and it was an absolute pleasure having him on the show again.
Once again, Eric Reanimator presents another great “An Album I Love” segment. This time he discusses Drivin’ and Cryin’s “Mystery Road”. A show highlight.
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