Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love That Album podcast Episode 31 - The Kinks - Something Else By The Kinks

For episode 31 of Love That Album I am joined by Ben Eisen of the All Time Top Ten podcast to discuss a highlight album from a champagne year for rock music.

By 1967, The Kinks had already released an enviable number of brilliantly crafted singles. Like many other bands from the so-called British Invasion, they had their blues roots (Ray Davies was particularly keen on Big Bill Broonzy), but then went on to explore other musical avenues (though no Dead End Streets – geddit????) “Something Else By The Kinks” was indeed just that. Full of great little character studies and stories, this was the band exploring British life with both affection and a little cynicism. Part psychedelia, part British music hall, this album has its place cemented in history for “Waterloo Sunset” alone. Fortunately, there are many other joys on this record. Dave Davies gets in on the songwriting action too. This album was followed by “Village Green Preservation Society” an album that has garnered more attention. As great as that record is, Ben and I have a lot of affection for “Something Else”, and we discuss why on this latest episode.

Eric Reanimator returns to discuss The Soundtrack of Our Lives, “Behind The Music”. Through him, I’ve become a fan, so tune in and become a convert to this great Swedish band.

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