Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Love That Album Episode 32 - Ray Wylie Hubbard - The Grifter's Hymnal

One of the great things about doing a podcast and having a community page for the show is you get to meet fellow music lovers from the other side of the globe. I have met one such fellow, John Ross who started the excellent Feed My Ears Facebook page.

For Episode 32 of Love That Album podcast, John and I discuss an album he recommended me, the excellent 2012 release for Ray Wylie Hubbard, “The Grifter’s Hymnal”. This album is a love letter to roots rock and roll and the many practitioners along the way who have inspired Hubbard. Ray loves singing about the power of rock – no lip service, he truly loves his music. He also writes about war, death, ratbag music industry executives, his own life and God. This man has a way with a lyric and telling a story, plus his music is gritty and honest. It was a great album for John and I to discuss.

As usual, Eric Reanimator provides the show with another great “Album I Love” segment. He discusses the album ”Cody’s Dream” by Mark Pickerel (ex-Screaming Trees) and his Praying Hands.

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