Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Love That Album Episode 33 - The Music of Sky

For episode 33 of Love That Album podcast, Michael Pursche and I are not tackling a single album, but rather, looking at the overall work and career of Sky, the superband comprised of three English and two Australian musicians including classical guitar maestro John Williams (NO, NOT THAT JOHN WILLIAMS).

The musicians in Sky were all session musicians or classical musicians (seen the Deer Hunter? You know John Williams. Fan of David Bowie or Lou Reed? You know the bass playing of Herbie Flowers). They’ve been tagged as a prog band, but this is so far from the truth. They used their classical influences and technique to make classical pieces their own or create their own magnificent  compositions – all the while with a real sense of fun. Their concerts were as much about people smiling and laughing as well as admiring top notch musicianship. Michael and I discuss what we like about most of their albums, and talk about the backgrounds of all the band, how they changed stylistically between keyboard players and whether disco balls were a nice touch at their shows.

Also on the show, I speak with the former drummer for Sky (now percussionist for London Chamber Orcehstra), Tristan Fry.  He was a wonderful interview subject, very friendly and more than happy to talk about the days he spent with Sky. You really get the feeling from listening to him that these were days he treasured highly, and his enthusiasm made the interview a memory I will always cherish.

For the “An Album I Love” segment, Eric Reanimator discusses Norwegian band, Ulver’s “Wars of the Roses”, a departure from their metal roots.

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