Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Love That Album Episode 38 - That'll Be The Dust

Love That Album episode 38 is doing something a little different to the usual – we’re not discussing an album. Wha????????????????????????

"Silva and Gold" podcast’s Doctor Zom and I spend the show discussing two great British movies from the early seventies – 1973’s “That’ll Be The Day” and 1974’s “Stardust”. Both films feature a lot of rock and roll, and are centred on the power it has over its audience, but unlike previous filmic excursions on LTA, we’re not discussing the soundtrack. David Essex stars in both films as Jim Maclaine and his rise from fairground attendant to rock star. Jim is a narcissist, and does not let friendships, family duty or basic human decency get in his way from getting what he wants out of life. The first film covers the period from the late 50s where he drops out of school to work at a seaside carnival, and the second covers his rise and fall with his band The Stray Cats. I think it’s a retelling of Faust in a way.

Besides David Essex, the films feature Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Adam Faith, and Larry Hagman in what was surely a precursor to J.R. Ewing. Zom and I have a lot of enjoyment discussing these great, gritty films and hopefully, our chat will inspire you to discover or revisit them. As from previous visits to the podcast, I love having Zom’s insight and contribution.

Eric Reanimator returns to discuss an anthology of songs by The Troggs. Wild Thang......

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