Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Love That Album Episode 39 - Aimee Mann - Bachelor No. 2

For episode 39 of Love That Album, I’m joined by Thomas Deja of the Better In The Dark podcast to discuss Aimee Mann’s album from 2000 Bachelor No. 2 or The Last Remains of the Dodo.

This was Aimee’s third album, released after buying back the recordings from her unsupportive record company declaring it to have no commercial appeal (which shows part of the reason why real music lovers hold record companies in contempt). She sold it very successfully from her website until getting a wider reaching distribution deal. Aimee shares excellent company with the likes of Jon Brion (ex-Jellyfish, The Grays), Buddy Judge and husband Michael Penn to produce a suite of songs that are all at once sweet and bitter. These songs would be like eating a nice piece of apple cake, only to find out the fruit has gone rancid. The sweet melodies and harmonies are wrapped around lyrics that are bitter, accusatory, self deprecating, and resigned. What I love about some of these songs is that Aimee sings from the perspective of someone whose view of events is not necessarily reliable. This really makes for more interesting listening than some songwriters who always take the self-righteous line. I really enjoyed hearing Thomas’ take on these fine songs. We also briefly discuss some of these songs’ linkage to the terrific P.T. Anderson film, Magnolia.

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