Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Love That Album Episode 42 - Richard Thompson - Electric

Hard to believe it’s taken 42 episodes of Love That Album to get to discuss a Richard Thompson album (considering my obsession with his music). Still, the great songwriter and guitarist’s guitarist has released a new LP and that seemed a good a reason as any to chat about it on the podcast.
My guests for this discussion are John Ross (convenor of the excellent Feed My Ears FB page), returning for his second appearance on the show, and LTA newcomer Dave McLemore. Dave, like me, was a long time admirer of RT, and John had his music forced down his throat by me. So does the new album stand up to the standard set by previous recordings? Has John become a fan or did all the hype I created set RT for a fall in John’s mind? The album covers breakups (both tragic and humourous), randy senior citizens, political campaigners and guys just trying to survive on a meagre wage….usual singer/songwriter fodder.  Comparisons are also made to Australian songwriting hero, Paul Kelly. John, Dave and I have a blast chatting about this record.
Eric Reanimator is back talking about an EP from 90s band Animal Bag (whom he discussed in the recent Shooting The Shit episode). It’s good stuff.
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