Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Love That Album podcast Episode 43 - The Who - Who's Next

Episode 43 of LTA is mammoth, huge…not (just) in length, but in content. I am joined by Ben Eisen of the All Time Top Ten podcast to discuss The Who’s “Who’s Next” album.

The Who had just come off the success of Tommy, and Pete Townshend was keen to tell another story called Lifehouse. Not for him to write an ordinary kitchen sink drama – no way. Mr Townshend had big ideas about a future run by a totalitarian regime (shades of 1984) where people where linked experience suits all connected together to share common activities (predictor of the internet?). One lone man wants to bring about the long forgotten practice of rock and roll (a precursor to Footloose???) to the world by organising a concert where everyone will sing and dance themselves into such a state where they will find the lost note of purity and disappear in a flash of light…….Are you following the story so far? No? Doesn’t matter.

When the project collapsed under the weight of its own heaviosity, “all” that was left was the album “Who’s Next”. Disappoiting for Townshend, but a true gift for the rock loving fraternity. This album contains the cream of song writing and musicianship. Ben and I had a blast discussing these songs, both in the context of the original Lifehouse story and as separate entities in their own right. Whether you’re into spirtituality, Sci-Fi or Keith Moon murdering his drum kit, we’ve got it covered.  Also, what do Abbot & Costello and Tom Lehrer have to do with this album? Listen to the show and find out. NOTE: If you’re a Led Zeppelin fan, DO NOT send death threats after listening to this. Ben and I both love Zep, but……

Eric Reanimator returns for an excellent segment to discuss the Nuggets 2 box set. I’ve been a long time fan of Nuggets 1, so I was really keen to hear his words of wisdom about the follow up.

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