Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Love That Album Episode 44 - Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier - Stories of Ghosts

I’m doing things a little bit differently for episode 44 of Love That Album.
Rather than co hosting with a fellow fan of a particular album, I’ve gone straight to the source and am chatting with the musicians concerned. February this year saw the latest release from Australian singer songwriters Deborah Conway and Willy Zygier. They’ve been making wonderful albums for years, but with "Stories of Ghosts", they’ve just upped the ante.
 “Stories of Ghosts” is heaven for fans of brilliant songwriters – an ironic description considering the subject matter for the album is an exploration of their Jewish heritage from an atheist’s perspective. Make no mistake, however – this album is not about following a Richard Dawkins agenda, nor is it bitter like Andy Partridge’s “Dear God.” These songs cover topics like hope, disappointment, and anger – themes that anyone can relate to – believer and non-believer alike. Deborah and Willy were fascinating interview subjects, and I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation. Song samples are included.
NOTE: There were audio issues in the recording of this interview, but is still listenable overall. A good headphone listen.
Eric Reanimator’s “Album I Love” segment features him talking about a metal band (I told you this was a different type of episode), The Galactic Cowboys and their album “Machine Fish”. Their album delves into questions of troubled faith, making it a perfect accompaniment to the Conway / Zygier album.
…and for those of you who are concerned about how long these LTA shows run, this one is only a tad over an hour. Perfect for your work commute.
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