Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love That Album Episode 45 - The Gentlemen's Guide to Midnight Punk

A real treat for you on episode 45 of Love That Album podcast – I’m not on it!!!
I’ve enlisted the services of show regulars Eric Peterson and Tim Merrill to talk about all things punk. They discuss their favourite bands, obviously, but there’s so much more going on here. They raise questions valid for fans of any music genre. Do punk/music icons belong in a museum? Is art maintained by the idea that generated it or by the fans who appreciated it? What do Little River Band and Black Flag have in common? Is new punk too streamlined when compared to the diversity of old punk? Should Gwyneth Paltrow be punk’s poster girl? Tim and Eric have a great time discussing all this and more, and I can tell you, it’s a fascinating and educational show. I urge you to listen and give them your support.
There’s plenty of music to accompany their discussion (it even comes in at the relevant parts of the discussion). They also find some time to discuss about what they’ve been listening to lately outside of punk.
You can download the podcast at iTunes by searching for “love that album”. You can stream or download it at http://lovethatalbum.blogspot.com
The podcast can also be listened to via Stitcher Radio. Download the app from stitcher.com, and listen to any episode streaming over your Android or Apple device after searching for “love that album”.

Send me any feedback at rrrkitchen@yahoo.com.au (written or mp3 voicemail) or join the Facebook group at http://www.facebook.com/groups/lovethatalbum and tell us about your favourite punk albums.

Eric’s excellent blog can be followed at: http://restlesskind.blogspot.com/
 My thanks to Sammy and Will at the GGTMC for the name appropriation.

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