Thursday, June 27, 2013

Love That Album Episode 47 - The Monkees- Pisces, Capricorn, Headquarters and Head

Here we come…walking down the street….we get the funniest looks from….everyone we meet….

If you can sing the next line of that song, then Love That Album episode 47 is for you. The Monkees TV show theme would have to be one of the most beloved and recognised of its era and beyond. Arguments have gone back and forth about whether the Monkees were really a band, given their start as actors who just happened to be playing the parts of band members for a TV show. Well, like all good Frankensteinian monsters, they decided to take on a life of their own.

On LTA 47, I am joined by two co-hosts in separate segments. First of all, I welcome back to the show my friend and fellow Monkee nut, Julian Gillis to discuss two classic albums released in 1967 (a watershed year for rock). First of all, we discuss “Headquarters”, the album that by and large avoids the use of session musicians and features more Monkee-penned compositions. Then we look at the next record they released “Pisces, Aquarius Capricorn & Jones”. They return to the use of outside song writing help and they share the platform with session musicians, but to great effect. Julian and I both discuss the notion about the whether they were a real band, and what their legacy has been. How do these albums stand up against other albums released by the more conventionally assembled bands of the day? We both had fun recording this one and discussing some real pop gems.

But wait…there’s more Monkee business at hand. For his first LTA appearance, Terry Frost (of the wonderful “Paleo Cinema” and “Martian Drive In” podcasts) joins me to discuss the 1968 surreal piece of Monkee cinema, “Head”. To say this film has been much maligned is an understatement. Devised by Bob Rafelson, Jack Nicholson and the band while allegedly digesting a bag of fauna, this has no linear narrative to speak of – but does it have something to say? Why does Davy end up figthing Sonny Liston in a boxing ring? How does Mickey beat them both? Is Mike the best kisser? Is Peter really the dummy? Terry and I have a good time finding out.

Eric Reanimator returns with his Album I love segment to discuss the album by Danny and Dusty, “The Lost Weekend”, part of the underground paisley movement of the 80s. I really dig this album, as it reminds me of my beloved Weddings Parties Anything. Another classy segment courtesy of Eric.

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