Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Love That Album podcast Episode 48 - Paul Kelly Countdown

If you live in Australia and have turned on the radio, watched TV, gone to the theatre or cinema, or studied in high school any time over the last 30 years, then the name Paul Kelly is no stranger to you. He is revered as one of this country’s (or indeed the world’s) greatest songwriters. LTA contributor Dave Mclemore is a huge devotee over in the Lone Star state, so I know PK has an American fan base as well. If you’ve not heard him before, and you like strong storytelling in you songs, you’re in for a treat. If you dig Nick Cave, then PK should be someone you check out.
For episode 48 of Love That Album podcast, I’ve decided that rather than tackle an individual Paul Kelly album (seeing as he has so many), I’ve plagiarised the format of The List Music Podcast and the All Time Top Ten podcast (thanks Ricardo, Jenny, VK, Juan and Ben). My longtime friend (I think we met at 10 years old!!!!) and fellow Paul Kelly fan Darren Lucthner and I count down and discuss our ten favourite Paul Kelly songs. We cover the hits, and the deeper album cuts. We even include a couple of Kelly-penned interpretations by other artists. What made the list? Tune in and find out.
Eric Reanimator returns for his Album I Love segment, to discuss some early seventies Willie Nelson and his album Shotgun Willie. As usual, a classy and well thought out chat from Eric.
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