Monday, September 16, 2013

Love That Album podcast episode 50 - Beneath The planet of Shooting The Shit

Love That Album is baaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkk. Did you miss us??????

Not only that, but the podcast turns 50 episodes old.

It took a while, but with (most) technical difficulties overcome, I can now happily lay episode 50 of Love That Album on you – 6 weeks or so after it was originally due. I dub the episode “Beneath The Planet of Shooting The Shit”.

To celebrate this milestone in the show, I invited the members of the Shooting The Shit Crew- Tim Merrill, Eric Peterson, John Stirrat, and Michael Pursche to join in a discussion on our favourite box sets. Are box sets a dying breed? What was their purpose in the first place – to create interest for the novice or give unknown treasures for the long time fan? What makes for a great box set? The big one: what are the greatest box sets released? These life enriching questions are all discussed on the program. It was a fascinating discussion, and I thank these fine people for giving of their time and expertise. A special thanks should be given to Geoff Smith who was available for the show, but Skype gave us difficulties in letting Geoff onto the conversation, Rest assured, he will be back on the program soon.

Fittingly, to accompany the discussion of garage, blues, punk, Americana, pop and jazz, music for the show is provided courtesy of Scriabin, Beethoven and Chopin.

At this mini milestone for the show, my thanks go to anyone who has ever guested on the show, provided feedback and encouragement, or just listened to the damn thing. I love doing this podcast and am gratified that a bunch of you out there enjoy listening. Here’s to the next 50 shows.

You can download the podcast at iTunes by searching for “love that album”. You can stream or download it at “”.

The podcast can also be listened to via Stitcher Radio. Download the app from, and listen to any episode streaming over your Android or Apple device after searching for “love that album”.

Send me any feedback at (written or mp3 voicemail) or join the Facebook group at and start a discussion on your favourite box sets.

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