Saturday, October 26, 2013

Love That Album Episode 52 - Portis Attack

It's becoming more of a trend at LTA studios that I've been programming the show's discussions based on the suggestions of my co-presenters, rather than finding a mutually loved record. So it goes with episode 52.

I am joined by John Ross, the manager of the wonderful Facebook page "Feed My Ears", and  Shooting the Shit regular, Tim Merrill to discuss Portishead's "Dummy" and Massive Attack's "Mezzanine" - two albums I never thought I'd be talking about on this podcast. I confess the whole trip hop movement passed me by in the nineties, but I am truly grateful to John Ross for telling me to get out of my musical comfort zone and discuss these two records. I think we had a fascinating conversation  as we touched upon issues such as whether sometimes music has to have a context to appeal, or whether the music itself evokes images. Record scratching aside, was Dummy just a traditional pop  or soul record with nineties production values? What did we actually think of these records - do we love those albums? Tune in and find out.

Eric Reanimator once again contributes his segment more to discuss a band he loves rather than a specific album. This time around he talks about Sky Cries Mary, a perfect companion piece to this episode's albums.

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  1. Good podcast, guys! Was hoping you'd talk about Beth's secret weapon

    1. Thanks Leafy. I'll check that clip out.
      I'm glad you dug the podcast. Always nice to get some feedback.

      Feel free to join the podcast Facebook page if you're interested for notification of future shows you might be interested in or to start up a music discussion.