Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Love That Album Episode 56 - Shooting The Shit Conquers The Martians (aka favourite music of 2013)

Bigger than Ben Hur.
Funnier than The Seventh Seal.
More music discussion than Behind The Green Door.

IT’S….Shooting The Shit Conquers The Martians

Yes indeed, Love That Album podcast episode 56 is here starring the Shooting The Shit crew. We discuss our favourite albums either released or that we newly discovered in 2013. The music industry waits with baited breath as the LTA tastemakers decides who is worthy of YOUR attention. My thanks to Eric Peterson (aka Reanimator), Ghetto Tim, and John Stirrat for taking the time to put their lists together and joining me on the show….because if they didn’t, I’d be talking to myself…which would be pretty silly.

I also give thanks to those listeners who submitted feedback for the show – Adi Sappir, Pat Monaghan, Will Smith and the mighty John Ross who sent an outstanding audio segment. Look for John’s own podcast, Feed My Ears in 2014.

You can download both shows from iTunes by searching for “love that album”. You can stream or download them at “”.

I thank everyone of you that downloaded an episode sometime this year. I also thank everyone who joined me as a co-host this year. Everyone of you is aces in my book. Discussing music with you folks is an absolute pleasure. I look forward to doing it all again in 2014.

Right click to download and save Episode 56 here

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