Sunday, April 20, 2014

Love That Album episode 60 - The Livingstone Daisies “Don’t Know What Happiness Is” and The Grapes “Western Sun”

Welcome to episode 60 of Love That Album. At the end of 2013, two of my favourite albums came from Melbourne bands, and I discuss both of them with their songwriters. 

First of all, The Livingstone Daisies brought a slice of harmony laden pop goodness into the world with “Don’t Know What Happiness Is” (their fans did after hearing it). I speak with the Daisies’ songwriter Van Walker, who has recorded a number of albums in his own right about how this supergroup came into being and this wonderful record. Think Teenage Fanclub, and you’ll get the idea.

Then, I speak to Sherry Rich who has made a myriad of great albums with her own bands (including members of Wilco), but along with Even’s Ash Naylor has reformed The Grapes. They put out a perfect pop album in 1999, and then released another wonderful country / pop hybrid album 14 years later called Western Sun. We speak about both records as well as Sherry’s time in Nashville.
Eric Reanimator returns with his Album I Love segment discussing all girl power pop band The Barbarellas with their aptly titled Queens of the Galaxy. Fans of Thee Ultra Bimboos will dig.

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