Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love That Album: The Compilation Series - Episode 4 - Happy Pub

Welcome to episode 4 of the LTA: Compilation Series podcasts hosted by Eric Reanimator. This episode is called Happy Pub.
This time around Eric is discussing a couple of albums focussing on British pub rock. First of all he talks about Elizabeth McQueen and the Firebrands with their tribute album to pub rock from 2005 called “Happy Doing What We’re Doing”. Then he goes right to the source with the compilation “Pub Rock: Paving The Way For Punk” featuring artists like Ian Dury, Brinsley Schwartz and the 101’ers (with a pre-Clash Joe Strummer).
As always, Eric delivers a truly fascinating show. He contextualises the music describing the circumstances that led to pub rock in England. When young artists wanted to bring back pure raw energy to make exciting music (in much the same way rock and rollers from the 50s did), as an alternative to the musicians who were showing their chops through Progressive Rock, Pub Rock was created. As a side note, the pub has long been the breeding ground for most great Australian rock. I hope to discuss this with Eric on a future show.
I urge you to give Eric your time. His shows are not just podcasts, but audio documentaries. They are well thought out and you come away knowing something new.

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