Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Love That Album: The Compilation Series - Episode 5 - 3am Sabbath

Welcome back to Love That Album: The Compilation Series. In episode 5, Eric once again shows the diversity in his arsenal with two very different albums under investigation.
The first one is evocatively titled “Driving in the Rain 3am: Songs to Get Lost With” and is a collection of tunes by Canadian songwriters on the Bongo Beat label that could have fit in at the tail end of that party you went to, followed by the music you’d be wandering the streets through on the way home…via the fish and chip shop.
The second album is part of a 2CD set called “The Bible According To Black Sabbath”. CD1 which Eric focuses on is a ‘best-of’ collection of Black Sabbath. He will discuss CD2 featuring the same songs done by various artists at a later stage.
Another very classy show from Mr Reanimator. Check the episode out, and send some feedback to see let us know how you're enjoying the show.
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