Friday, July 18, 2014

Love That Album episode 63 - Songs In The Key Of Life

A late pullout from my guest for episode 63 of LTA, and with no one else available on such short notice meant I had to record it by myself. Not my favourite way of doing a show (good on you, Terry Frost for being able to do it on a weekly basis), but here it is.

This time around, I talk about an album that many see as the pinnacle of Stevie Wonder’s career – “Songs In The Key of Life” from 1976. Two years in recording, Berry Gordy of Motown took a real chance in signing up Steveland Morris to a new 30 million dollar contract at the time of recording. He reportedly got very nervous the longer the recording went. He was rewarded both artistically and financially. An apt title for an album that’s hallmarks are its diversity and excellence.

Eric Reanimator’s Album I Love segment is a beauty, as always. This time around he discusses The Bellrays’ “Let It Blast”. The common description of this band is Aretha Franklin fronts the MC5. See what you think.

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