Friday, August 1, 2014

Love That Album: The Compilation Seies - Episode 6 - Top 25 Punk Albums

Welcome back to Love That Album: The Compilation Series hosted by Eric Peterson (aka Reanimator).

In episode 6, rather than discuss a specific compilation album, Eric takes some time to talk about a list of the top 25 punk albums of all time as compiled by rock critic and musician, Jeff Bale. He edited a zine called Hitlist. Eric goes through the list, and there are some expected iconic titles that any fan with even the slightest knowledge of punk (like me) will be familiar with. There are also some titles that even Eric had not heard. He doesn’t claim to like everything here, but it’s a good base for a discussion of a genre Eric is obviously passionate about. If you like to discuss all time favourite lists (and if you’re a music fan, of course you do), then check this episode out.

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