Saturday, August 30, 2014

Love That Album: The Compilation Seies - Episode 7 – Shakin’ Bankin’ Lovin’

Time for some more anthology discussion from Eric Reanimator.

This time around Eric talks about not one, not two, but three great compilations from bands of the early years of rock. You all know them for one or two songs, but Eric gives you the lowdown on other songs you should hear if your curiousity points that way.

First of all, we hear about The Best of Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. Everyone will be familiar with “Shakin’ All Over” – it’s been covered by all manner of bands (my favourites are The Who and Eilen Jewell). Get familiar with their bluesy Merseybeat sounds.

Next up is mid 60s New York pop band, The Left Banke. Eric discusses their compilation “There’s Gonna be a Storm”. Everybody loves their hit “Walk Away Renee” (great cover version by The Four Tops and an unusual spin by Billy Bragg – go on search it out). Eric will bring to your attention some other great songs including “She May Call You Up Tonight” (also covered by Richard and Linda Thompson). Highly recommended if you dig what is called the baroque pop sound.

Finally, Eric talks about The Love Story, about Arthur Lee’s great band that should have been HUGE. A very eclectic band. Known mostly for “Forever Changes”, this compilation shows both their gentle and more garage oriented side (songs from De Capo for instance).

Once again, Eric presents a hugely entertaining and informative show and exposes you to great music. Get onto it.
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