Sunday, September 14, 2014

Love That Album: The Compilation Series - Episode 8 – Acid Off

NOTE: Slight reversal in Love That Album podcast schedule. Normally the Compilation Series episodes come out later in the month with the regular episode coming out mid-month. From this month, it’s the Compilation episode first with the regular coming out late in the month.
For episode 8 of LTA: Compilation Series, Eric Reanimator has picked two covers albums to give some love to. First of all he discusses The Ramones’  1993 album “Acid Eaters” where they pay homage to the bands they grew up listening to (The Who, The Stones, CCR, Love) but still give them the Ramones treatment.  The other record is from Eric’s beloved Hellacopters - their final album “Head Off”. Their inspiration was bands that didn’t achieve the success The Hellacopters believed they deserved (Demons, The Robots, The Bellrays). Nobly, they brought these tunes to their own audience’s attention in the hope their fans would search the originals out.
Another great episode from Eric you should all dig with some exciting songs and performances.
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