Sunday, October 26, 2014

Love That Album Episode 66 - Mansun - Attack of the Grey Lantern

Welcome to episode 66 of Love That Album podcast.

What happens if you mix stripping clergy members, trainspotting, James Bond, and English village life? No, not a Monty Python sketch – you get the 1997 debut album from Mansun, a band from the tail end of the musical movement known as Britpop. The album, Attack of the Grey Lantern went to #1 on the British charts – for one week -, but unlike “Parklife” by Blur or “Definitely Maybe” by Oasis seems to have been forgotten about.  What was it replaced by? Tune in and find out.

I am joined by Scott Phipps (one half of the excellent film discussion podcast team, Stinking Pause) and my good friend Dave Blom (who chose this album) to discuss not only our feelings about this record, but the Britpop movement in general and the politics of England from the day that surrounded Britpop. 1997 was also the year that gave us Radiohead’s “OK Computer”, so that was the direction British music was inevitably headed to (with a diversion somewhere in the middle!!!) We even find time to make a connection to a classic Australian political jingle.

My thanks to both Dave and Scott for making time to come onto the show and bringing their enthusiasm to chat with them.

Eric Reanimator returns with his Album I Love segment to discuss a British album from the Britpop period, but stylistically very different. Eric brings us a chat about The Wild Hearts’ 1993 album “Earth Vs The Wild Hearts”.

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