Thursday, December 18, 2014

Love That Album episode 70 - Favourite albums heard in 2014 - with the Shooting the Shit crew

…..and so we arrive at Love That Album episode 70 - the final show for 2014.

We cannot finish off a year without bringing the thunder that is the Shooting The Shit crew. This is our only discussion for the year, but it’s EPIC. Eric Reanimator, John Stirrat, Geoff Smith, Tim Merrill and myself go through our favourite first time listens in 2014 – regardless of whether they were released this year or not. Download and dig the suggestions of music from the crew for your listening pleasure. We dub this special “I Still Know What Shit You Shot Last Summer”. To make the recording more manageable, we recorded the show in two halves with John and Tim in the first part, and Eric, Geoff and myself in the second. Thanks again to these marvellous people for their time, music suggestions, wit and friendship.

It’s been another fun year of music discussion podcasts with musically knowledgeable and articulate people. Eric brought something new into the mix with his own Compilation Series of LTA episodes every month, so effectively, there was some new LTA content roughly every couple of weeks.

I’d like to thank every person who participated in a show or who listened to the show this year. Without you folks, I’d be talking to Mimi my cat…..and she doesn’t even care for music.

I look forward to starting this all up again in 2015. 

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