Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Love That Album - The Compilation Series: Episode 12: Stiff Crazy Girls In The Wildwood

Welcome to Episode 12 of Love That Album: The Compilation Series hosted by Eric Reanimator.
This time, Eric is shouting from the mountain tops “Let’s hear it for the girls!!!” He is looking at three very different compilations but with the common element being women being the singing and performing focus.

For starters, he’s discussing Flowers In The Wildwood (Women In Early Country Music 1923-1939) released in 2003. This album has songs with gorgeous country harmonies from artists (with exceptions like The Carter Family) that have long been forgotten about.

Next up, there’s Girl Crazy (1998), a compilation of girl garage bands from the 90s, including one called Maow featuring a drummer we all know and love (I’m calling YOU John Ross)….yup early Neko Case.

Finally, there’s Stiff Nipples (1999), a compile of unsigned female fronted bands from Norway. It’s stylistically mixed, but with some cool bands like The Launderettes  and the Barbarellas.

As usual, Eric has dug up some gem albums to bring to your attention. Give him your support and download this great episode. How can you resist a show that ends with a song called I Wanna Jump Your Bones???

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