Sunday, February 22, 2015

Love That Album Episode 72 - Randy Newman's "Sail Away"

Welcome to episode 72 of Love That Album.

American songwriter, composer, pianist and singer Randy Newman means different things to different people. If you’re 25 years or under, you probably know him best as writer of some great songs for the Pixar films. If you’re older, you may know him for his song writing that encompasses wit and a healthy dose of cynicism, but also great beauty. A multitude of artists have covered his songs (and two such artists are discussed on the show). His arrangements are created for both orchestras and rock band. He is both contemporary but belonging to an older tin pan alley tradition.

I am joined by the crew of the Stinking Pause podcast, Scott  and Charlie to discuss Newman’s 1972 album Sail Away. This album owes much to the family heritage of cinema composition (Uncle Alfred Newman composed arguably the most recognisable piece of movie music ever), but is also Randy’s very own corner of the family business, as it were. He writes great first person narratives covering religion, American policy, family roles, and dancing bears. I had a great chat with Scott and Charlie, and hope you enjoy our discussion.

Eric Reanimator’s Album I Love segment covers the songbook or Zager and Evans, most famous for their solitary hit “In The Year 2525”. He makes a convincing case that the two albums they released have other worthwhile songs crying for your attention.

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