Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Love That Album - The Compilation Series: Episode 17: New Wave Swing

Time to get your dancing shoes on and listen to Episode 17 of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition. Eric Reanimator is discussing two different styles of music in relation to four CDs.

First of all, the original American party music: Swing. Eric gives the good oil on “Swing! Greatest Hits” and “Next Generation Swing”. The first has some tunes from orchestras led by household names of the original era: Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw and Gene Krupa. The latter has tunes from the Swing revival of the 90s, like Royal Crown Revue, the Brian Setzer Orchestra, and the Mighty Mighty Boss Tones. Eric gives some background on the movements, and also gives some tips on how to impress on the dance floor……

Next up, Eric discusses the 80s movement known as New Wave. What the hell is New Wave? It was an umbrella for a lot of things, but is not so easily definable as other styles. It is more of an umbrella for power pop with a slightly electronic feel mixed with soulful vocals and performed by people in strange makeup and clothes…..yeah, I don’t really know either. Still, Eric reveals some of the gems on “Just Can’t Get Enough” Volumes 10 and 17. Volume 10 covers New Wave Hits of the 80s and Volume 17 focuses on female fronted bands. Having a party? DJ Eric will tell you there’s no shame in playing some Bananarama, Human League, Adam Ant, Berlin, or Josie Cotton.

As always, Eric delivers a punchy, entertaining podcast. Give it a listen.  Warning: Love That Album takes no responsibility for any damage done to your credibility by dancing while listening to this podcast.

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