Saturday, August 15, 2015

Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 18 - Sinful Goldmine

It’s time for episode 18 of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition.

Now, Love That Album has not officially taken part in the Sleazy Summer project being run by many of our favourite podcasts in our community, but in the spirit of Sleazy Summer, Eric Reanimator wants to discuss a little bump and grind with you in the first half of the show. Remember when rock and roll was about sex and honking saxophones????? The compilers of the Sin Alley series of albums surely do. Sleaze doesn’t belong exclusively to the cinema….it belongs on your record player. This album gives us 50s tunes from the likes of Myron Lee and the Caddies, Tony Casanova, and the Frantics Four. Oh yeah, get out that table leg and a tub of margarine baby…..

For the second half, Eric discusses something a little less sleazy…or does he? We all know songs from the glam era from the likes of T-Rex, David Bowie and The Sweet. How about groups like Iron Virgin or The Plod? You will surely know Tartan Horde – trust me you do!!! Eric discusses the songs from these groups and many others on a compilation called Velvet Tinmine bringing you great but forgotten songs from the glam era.

I just wish to reiterate how grateful I am that Eric is a continuing part of Love That Album bringing his time and knowledge for us all to dig on. Thank you good sir.

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