Sunday, August 23, 2015

Love That Album Episode 80 - Interview with Bill Frisell

Welcome to episode 80 of Love That Album podcast.

Due to time commitments this month, I am using the opportunity to bring you a couple of old interviews from 2001 that I did during my time at a local public access station. I am extremely proud of these interviews and I hope you dig them.

On this episode, I am presenting a chat I had with one of my most favourite musicians ever, Bill Frisell. He is one of those few musicians whose style is instantly identifiable. Regardless of whether you’ve heard a particular tune or not, you KNOW it’s Frisell when you hear the music play. He’s known as a jazz and country player, but also as someone who loves sonic experiments. He’s been a session man for many (including Marianne Faithfull, Elvis Costello, and Ginger Baker), written the music for the Far Side animated series as well as for new scores for Buster Keaton films, and played with multiple ensembles of his own.

Since this interview was recorded, he’s recorded many more albums and has toured Australia (the question of a tour is brought up in the chat). In 2001 he put out two brilliant albums (including one with Elvin Jones, drummer for John Coltrane!!!!!) He was a charming and very humble interview subject. I loved having this chat, and I hope you dig it too.

Bruce Wooley and The Camera Club  is the focus of Eric Reanimator’s “Album I Love” segment. He talks about their album English Garden. “Who are they?” you ask. “Have they done anything I’d know?” Abso-bloody-lutely. Eric will reveal all.

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