Thursday, September 10, 2015

Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 19 - Stompin’ Plywood

It’s time to get some solid recommendations from Eric Reanimator for great compilations on Episode 19 of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition.

Both albums focus on Canadian troubadour Stomping Tom Connors, probably most famous for The Hockey Song. The first album is called Bring Your Own Plywood and features Calgary rock and country artists recording cover versions of songs written by Connors. Artists such as Agriculture Club, Knucklehead, and The Spam Avenger line up to record their favourite tunes from his monstrously large songbook.

Then Eric talks about Unreleased Songs from the Vault Collection, Vol. 1 where Connors himself records some of his favourite classic country and folk songs he originally sang when he started out in the fifties. Using just his guitar and voice, he turns his focus to well known and loved songs such as the Darktown Strutter’s Ball, Truck Drivin’ Man, and Swanee River. Originally planned to be a 10 volume set, Connors unfortunately passed away after only the first volume was released.
Thanks again to Eric for another fine program.

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