Friday, September 25, 2015

Love That Album Episode 81 - Flesheating Cows

Welcome to episode 81 of Love that Album podcast.

This month, I decided to take a break from the podcast (slackarse that I am), but there is no way I would deprive both the listeners of an episode-  nosiree Bob. I called in Eric Reanimator (host of LTA: The Compilation Series) and Tim Merrill (my co host at See Hear podcast) to present some music discussion for you….and they’ve delivered the goods.

First up, they discuss The Flesh Eaters’ “A Minute To Pray A Second To Die” from 1981. This features a lineup of LA roots rock royalty with members of the Blasters, X and (yet to join) Los Lobos. The final result is still something leaner and rawer than any of those outfits.

Then the guys go for a real curiousity. The Minneapolis band Cows and their album “Cunning Stunts” comes under the guys’ gaze. A noise-rock band with a bugle and an interpretation of the theme from Midnight Cowboy sure as hell has my attention.

I want to thank Eric and Tim for presenting a fantastic episode which introduced me to some good music and interesting discussion. I hope you dig it.

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