Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 20 - Death Goth

For your aural gratification, episode 20 of Love That Album: The Compilation Series has arrived.

Eric Reanimator takes on the question “what is gothic rock?” Like any music style, the answer is never straight forward. Just like “punk” is a wide umbrella, different artists who came under the “gothic rock” tag approached it differently.

He gives a description and history of the genre by way of three compilations: Dismal Abysmal Recordings Presents Watch Your Step, Vol.2 The Curse Of The Hearse, Gothic Rock 3 - Black On Black - Best Of 80's Collection, and Release The Rats. Humour and horror films seem to be an obvious influence on some of this material. Listen to Eric discuss and play samples of some of his favourite tunes from these compilations and see whether you dig them.

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