Sunday, October 4, 2015

Love That Album Episode 82 - Interview with Steve Berlin of Los Lobos

It’s time for episode 82 of Love That Album podcast.

Way back on episode 27 of the show, I discussed Los Lobos’ seminal album "Kiko" with Michael Pursche and was also joined by Steve Berlin, the band sax and keyboard player. Steve has very graciously joined me for a second time to discuss the brand spanking new album for Lobos called Gates of Gold. If you love previous albums featuring rock in a blues vein, soul, Tex-Mex and cumbia, you will be very happy with their latest album (released late September 2015).

We discuss the democratic approach to song arrangement in the band, how a famous Hollywood director changed their approach to song writing forever, and what it’s like to be part of an ensemble that’s been together for so long. We also discuss other acts Steve has produced or played with like Diamond Rugs, The Flesheaters, Los Super 7 and Neko Case.

Please join me for a very cool episode of the show.

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