Monday, November 23, 2015

Love That Album episode 84 - The Mystery Box #2 - Great Jazz Albums

It’s time for episode 84 of Love That Album podcast and Mystery Box #2.

What is the Mystery Box? In March of this year on episode 73, Michael Pursche and David Blom joined me to talk about a number of great Australian albums worthy of your attention, but no one knew up front what albums the others would discuss.

For the second Mystery Box episode, I am joined by Paleo Cinema and Martian Drive In Podcast host Terry Frost to talk about bebop, swing, fusion, trad, big band, and free-jazz – in short, we will discuss a number of jazz albums we dig and think you listeners need in your lives if you don’t have them already there.

In relation to one of my picks, I also present an interview with incredible Australian jazz drummer, David Jones. A veteran player of both the rock and jazz worlds, David has much to say about his time spent in one of the great Australian jazz fusion bands of the late seventies and early eighties, as well as his passion for the music and making sure audiences come away laughing as well as digging on the music. My huge thanks to Carmen Warrington for arranging this interview with me.

Eric Reanimator is back with another Album I Love segment to talk about a couple of albums by beatnik jazz performer Ralph. Who is Ralph? Tune in and find out.

Even if you’re not a jazz fan, tune in for the great chats I have with Terry and David and get a feel for the diversity of our selections.

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