Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Love That Album episode 85 - End of 2015 favourite first-time albums with the Shooting The Shit Crew, Part 1

It’s December, so it must be time for another Love That Album end-of-year Shooting The Shit session.

In case you’re not familiar with the term, LTA has done a small number of panel shows under the Shooting The Shit moniker. We haven’t held a more general discussion in a long while, but the tradition holds that we do our “favourite first time listens of the year” show. As long as the panellists heard a particular album for the first time in 2015 (regardless of the year of release), it’s up for discussion.

Because the crew is comprised of 6 of us, we’re doing this over two shows so you’re not listening for 4 hours straight!!! For episode 85, and the first of the STS faves specials, I am joined by my See Hear co-host Tim Merrill and Sitting In a Bar In Adelaide podcast host, Michael Pursche. We offer 5 albums each for your consideration as our favourite first time listens in 2015. Let me tell you folks, the key word here is “diversity”. There are a range of styles on offer here, so there will be something that will appeal to all tastes.

I even have some feedback from listeners as to their favourite albums of the year. I love getting feedback for the same reason Gwyneth Paltrow loves getting Academy Awards….

Episode 86 will be part 2 of the end-of-year shows, and will be online in a couple of weeks. That will feature Geoff Smith, John Stirrat, and Eric Reanimator giving their well-considered choices.

My thanks to my co-presenters for taking the time to record these shows with me, and my thanks to anyone who listens to the shows. There are a lot of podcasts out there to demand your time, so if you’ve let me into your headphones, I’m grateful to be included a part of your listening schedule.

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