Monday, January 25, 2016

Love That Album episode 87 - Joe Jackson & Friends - Heaven And Hell

Love That Album podcast is back for 2016.

Episode 87 features a discussion of an album I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time. It’s taken until now to find someone equally enthusiastic about Joe Jackson’s 1997 album, Heaven and Hell to co-host the show. I am joined by Tom Kwei, who along with his mate Sam Whiles, hosts an excellent show focusing on the albums of Tom Waits called Down In The Hole. If you’re willing to talk about Tom Waits, you’re surely up for some heavy duty conversations.

Together we discussed JJ’s musical adventurousness in pursuing many different styles of music. Here he marries 20th Century Classical with 90s electronics (not trip-hop style, but he must have been paying attention).  

Heaven And Hell is a concept album of sorts where the linking theme between the songs are the 7 Deadly Sins. Joe and the other singers and musicians he collaborates with on this album tell a tale in each song for each of the different “sins” – I guess I prefer to think of them as human traits. Though the classification of these traits have their roots in Catholic theology, they’ve always been the basis for secular contemplation in the arts. Joe tells stories of lost morality in wartime, unreliable narrators, childish behaviour, too much booze and trying to fly to the sun. Many reviewers of this album have labelled it as pretentious, dull, or derivative. Being a nice fellow, I don’t want to say how I label these reviewers…..Suffice to say, Tom and I would be immensely happy if you listened to us give the case why this album is completely worthy of your time.

I’m also very excited that some Joe Jackson fans from the aptly titled Facebook group “Joe Jackson has Other Songs Besides Is She Really Going Out With Him” took the time to send me their thoughts on the album which I include as feedback to the show. Thank you so much, kind people.

Eric Reanimator returns for his Album I Love segment to pay respect to David Bowie and his Berlin Trilogy of albums, Low, Heroes and Lodger. The nice connection is that JJ has always been a big fan of Bowie and has played covers as part of his live set. Also, like Bowie, he lived in Berlin for many years.

My huge thanks to Tom for being so giving of his time to join me, and bringing his enthusiasm and fascinating thoughts. He will be back on LTA next month.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Love That Album: The Compilation Edition - Episode 23 - Lemmy Meek

Hey folks, it’s time to bring you some new Love That Album podcasting for 2016.

We’re starting off with episode 23 of Eric Reanimator’s  Love That Album – The Compilation Edition. In the last couple of weeks, rock music has lost (at least) three iconic rock music figures. Stevie Wright of The Easybeats, David Bowie (who did a cracking version of “Friday On My Mind”), and Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister. Eric starts this episode discussing two facets to Lemmy’s career. First, he discusses Lemmy’s first important band Hawkwind and their live album “Space Ritual” before moving onto the more iconic Motorhead live album “No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith”.

Then, he discusses a compilation of a very different artist, producer Joe Meek. He created a hit for the Tornados with “Telstar”, but as the compilation “The Alchemist Of Pop - Home Made Hits & Rarities 1959-1966” shows, he produced a lot of hits with his very distinctive style of heavy reverb and sped up sounds. Eric discusses the man and this compilation.


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