Thursday, March 24, 2016

Love That Album episode 88 - Gillian Welch - The Harrow and The Harvest

It's finally time for episode 88 of Love That Album. My apologies for not being able to record in February.

For the second successive episode, I am joined by Tom Kwei, co-host of the Down In The Hole podcast. For this episode we focus on an album I have wanted to feature on LTA for a very longtime, Gillian Welch's "The Harrow And The Harvest". When I say Gillian Welch, I mean that as the name of the duo featuring Gillian Welch and David Rawlings (they say they are a band who just happens to be named after one of their members). 

Gillian and Dave have only recorded 5 albums (plus another two under the Dave Rawlings' Machine moniker).They certainly don't believe in rushing anything. It was 8 years between"Harrow and Harvest" and their previous album "Soul Journey", but the perfection of songwriting and musicianship on this album makes you forgive them for keeping us waiting so long.

Tom and I discuss the stories,and how the Gillian and Dave can sound old-time Appalachian and yet very contemporary. We also discuss murder, lust, religious guilt, when youths'dreams are not fulfilled, and relationships gone bad - just another day in the Welch / Rawlings office.

With Gillian and Dave having just toured Australia, I also take the time to talk about the great show they did at the Palais Theatre and why it will be permanently etched into my brain.

Eric Reanimator's "Album I Love" segment covers another dark album, "Brave" by Marillion. Tom suggests that there's a different reason this album is connected to the Welch / Rawlings album -  tune in and find out his reasoning.

My thanks go to Tom for joining me for a second month in a row, and taking the time to ponder musicians aside from the marvellous Tom Waits.

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