Thursday, May 26, 2016

Love That Album episode 90 - NoMeansNo’s “Small Parts Isolated and Destroyed” and Poison Idea’s “Feel The Darkness”


Welcome to episode 90 of Love That Album... this time around Maurice is on a walkabout / vision quest... is he looking to find which album by the Cult is better Sonic Temple or Ceremony? We will have to wait and find out. In the mean time  Eric Reanimator (of LTA: The Compilation Series) has taken the controls for this episode and is joined once again by  Tim Merrill (of the See Hear podcast) to present some music discussion.

First up, they talk about Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed by Nomeansno a Punk Funk Jazz Post Punk record from 1988. Drawing on the weird end of the punk movement, Nomeansno create a record for fans of Primus, Faith No More and other Zappa damaged odd players. 

They then head to Portland to talk about Feel The Darkness from 1990 by the punk band Poison Idea. You might not know the band but if you have or heard a copy of one of the biggest selling soundtracks of the '90s, you have heard at least one of their songs. 

We hope you dig it.

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