Monday, June 13, 2016

Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 28 - Movin’ To The UK Pop

Welcome to Episode 28 of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition.

This time around Eric goes freeform once again to talk about some UK based Rock, Power Pop and Punk... First off is a couple of thoughts about the UK Rock group The Move featuring a pre-ELO Roy Wood. The Move who, despite their nine Top 20 UK singles and being one the most popular British bands, never seemed to click with listeners in the United States. Eric notes that they have been covered by Cheap Trick and cited as one of the influences on one of his favourite bands New Math/ Jet Black Berries.

Next up, calling back to  I'm In Love With That Song: Love That Album - The Compilation Series: Episode 14: Power Pop Perfection Eric talks about the 2 volumes of of the Rhino Records D.I.Y. series which cover the UK pop end of the spectrum.  

DIY: Teenage Kicks - UK Pop I (1976-79) and DIY: Starry Eyes - UK Pop II (1978-79) which features bands and songs you have heard alongside ones you haven't...

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