Friday, June 24, 2016

Love That Album podcast episode 91 - The Screaming Trees and The Mad Season

Welcome to episode 91s of Love that Album. While Maurice continues on his walkabout/vision quest, Eric Reanimator (of LTA: The Compilation Series) continues leading the show. For this episode, he is joined by creator of the Feed My Ears music discussion Facebook group, John Ross to talk about two classics of the grunge era..

They start the show by discussing the Screaming Trees’ “Sweet Oblivion” album from 1992. Featuring Mark Lanegan on vocals, the Screaming Trees were largely overlooked in their day despite being around at the right place and right time, securing a major label contract, and being an integral part of the Seattle scene.

Following the discussion of the Screaming Trees and a couple of digressions, they proceed to talk about the 1995 album “Above” by Mad Season.  A one album super-group project featuring members of Alice in Chains, The Screaming Trees, and Pearl Jam, Mad Season was recorded as an artistic response to the substance abuse issues in the Seattle scene.   While the album did well and contained a couple of well-known songs, the deaths of 2 of the bands members effectively ended the band. Eric and John discuss all of this and more.

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