Sunday, July 24, 2016

Love That Album podcast Episode 92 - Blackfeather’s “In The Mountain of Madness” and Avalanche’s Self Titled album

Welcome to episode 92 of Love That Album podcast.

In this final month of my sabbatical from the podcast, the good ship LTA is steered by my great friends, previous co hosts and passionate Australian music experts, Dave Blom and Sitting In a Bar In Adelaide’s Michael Pursche.

Popular Australian music has gone through many phases over the years and presented here are 2 almost forgotten by the mainstream, Australian albums from the 1970’s that belong to two different eras, despite only being separated by a few years in terms of their release date.

At the Mountains of Madness by Blackfeather is a landmark Progressive Rock album, one that features a big hit single, the original version of "Seasons of Change" which featured Bon Scott on recorder. Scott was so taken by this song, that it was agreed that his band Fraternity would get to record it and release it. Blackfeathers' record label upon seeing the success of the Fraternity version, then decided to release the original Blackfeather version which is included on this Album. The album itself is an interesting blend of Rock and Roll combined with the sort of psychedelic noodling that would make early Pink Floyd proud. This album was recently re-issued by the Aztec label and is well worth the effort of listening to. Blackfeather then experienced several line-up changes over the years and a very different sound for their subsequent releases.

Most Australian people are familiar with the sounds of the Little River Band, Skyhooks, Sherbet and AC/DC. Avalanche straddle the gap between the first 3 of these bands and the last, but unfortunately most people wouldn't be familiar with their fantastic self titled release  from 1976. The musicians coming off the back of working with Brian Cadd produced this epic 11 track effort, that stands up well today. The music range on this album is extremely diverse and highlights the talent that each member brought to the studio.

Avalanche re-named themselves as Front Page in 1978 after Cox and Harrison had left and managed only one single "I Thought I'd Never Fall In Love Again"/"Rockin' Hollywood. After splitting, Naylor joined Jon English's backing band Baxter Funt and Campbell would be spotted in the early 80s as part of Funk band Adrian's Wall. Clive Harrison would later issue a 1982 solo album 'Once Bitten'. Geoff Cox went on to become a Media personality on radio and TV, most famous for his show "Coxy's Big break".

So, two forgotten gems, well worth checking out. We hope you Love these albums too.

As long as Michael and Dave are discussing Australian bands with art rock leanings, Eric Reanimator has appropriately picked an album for his Album I Love segment by Dead can Dance. Originally out of Melbourne, they mix art rock and Middle Eastern Sounds on their album, Eric discusses their 1993 album Into The Labyrinth.

I am so immensely grateful to my great friends for hosting the podcast and keeping your earholes loaded with great music discussion. For better or worse, I am back next month.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Love That Album: The Compilation Edition Episode 29 - Searchin for That Brill Building sound

Welcome to Episode 29 of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition.

This time around Eric goes freeform once again to talk about... well Sweden... but first he's got some  chatter about the late 50s early 60s Brill Building Sound.. a collection of recordings originating in from the New York City center of the music publishing world... acts like Bobby Darin, Ben E King, a host of Girl Groups, The Shangri Las and Paul Revere and the Raiders worked with the like of Phil Specter and created music that has lasted for generations...

….and then it's back to Sweden.. this time to talk about the 65 to 68 Garage Rock scene where Swedish youth took their shot at being the Beatles or the Stones and maybe, just maybe laid the ground work for the Swedish music scene to come... you know that Eric is running out of Swedish rock to talk about on this podcast so this might be you last chance to hear about that scene.. or not..
Either way tune in for your rock fix....

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