Friday, August 12, 2016

Love That Album Compilation Edition: Episode 30 - Country ‘n’ Blues, Waylon ‘n’ Jeffrey

Welcome to episode 30 of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition.

This time around, Eric talks about the music of the hot American summer: country and blues.
First up, Eric discusses a pair of tribute compilation albums dedicated to Waylon Jennings: “I’ve Always Been Crazy” and “Lonesome On’ry And Mean”. One features more mainstream country acts and the other, alt country artists and bunkers. If you are one of those people who thinks country music isn’t for you, Waylon might be a good entry point. From his early days as Buddy Holly’s bass player to the 70s outlaw country era, and then finally as a member of the supergroup The Highwaymen, Waylon left his mark on the landscape of popular music, and it’s easy to hear why so many artists stepped forward to cover his songs.

Next, Eric explores a couple of volumes of The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project where artists like Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, and Mark Lanegan have covered demos of unreleased Jeffrey Lee Pierce songs. For those unfamiliar with Pierce, he was a part of the early LA punk scene where his band, The Gun Club were pioneers of mixing punk and blues. While bands like X, The Cramps and The Minutemen have been embraced by the many in the music world, The Gun Club and Pierce remain one of the last truly underground / cult artists of the period who wait for greater acceptance.

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